The Edinburgh Salon – April 2015

As some of you will no doubt remember, a couple of months ago I gave a short talk about Dollop & Scoff to an event in Edinburgh – Scran Salon. Whilst there I met with Connie, who was in the process of starting up The Edinburgh Salon. Their first event took place on 29th March, and they used some of our lovely chutneys on their starter. Scran Salon did a lovely write up about that event, which you can read here.

I loved the sound of the event, and when I heard that Connie’s business partner would not be at the second one, I volunteered my services as general helper. The salon moves around, using someone’s flat at the first event, this one was held in a cafe in Stockbridge. I know that the Edinburgh Salon are looking for different venues in future – so please contact them if you have any suggestions.

  • Centre piece

  • The theme of the event was scent. The cafe used to belong to Napiers herbalists, so it fitted in well. Lots of lovely scents filled the cafe, not least the smell of the food cooking. As a centre-piece and talking point, a table containing herbal teas, scented oils, soaps and lillies was laid out. Our contribution were six different sample dishes – with the opportunity to smell and taste, and guess what the contained. I think most people picked out the Raspberry & Lime Jam, the Spiced Rhubarb Chutney proved a little more difficult! Envelopes were provided, with a full list of ingredients within, so people could see how they had done.

    A question had been posed before the event – what scent triggers a memory for you, and what is the memory. It was a great talking point, and interestingly lots of peoples memories seemed to relate to their grandparents.  What would your scent memory have been?

  • Onto the food. For starters Connie had prepared some gem lettuce leaves, brushed with a salad dressing and filled with mackerel, mango and crayfish tossed in lime. It looked like it may be difficult to eat, but held together perfectly and both smelt and tasted zesty and fresh.

    The main course was equally good. The lamb was so tender, the meat fell off the bone. The coriander and honey sauce worked so well with the lamb, giving it sweetness without this being cloying. The star of the main for me, though, was the herb salad. This had such a mixture of flavours, and great texture provided from some toasted almonds on top. I missed out on the mushrooms, I think because they were so delicious they went pretty quickly!

  • Starter

  • Dessert

  • I think the dessert was my favourite course. The lemon polenta cake was so light, it felt like air. Lovely zesty flavours again, which the orange in the mascarpone really complimented. I really enjoyed having the raspberries on top too, they brought an additional zing to the cake, and another texture which was great. A fab way to round off the meal.

One of my favourite things about the event was the fact that, due to it be a standing affair, I got the chance to speak to most people there. There were people from all wakes of life. I really enjoyed speaking to Amaya, who has a Spanish shop in Stockbridge that I really must find – Goya 23. I love Spanish food, so this is a must. I didn’t get to chat to Shona McMillan much, which is a shame as I love her photography. I also enjoyed speaking to Max, who had done the blackboard for the event after taking a calligraphy course – I hear he’s available for signage if needed! (Contact through the Edinburgh Salon). I enjoyed chatting to lots of the other guests, and hopefully will meet some again at future events.

The Edinburgh Salon events will be held on the last Sunday of every month, and as indicated the venue will change every time. Why not sign up as a guest, enabling you to book future events?Chatting

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