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    Handmade Scottish preserves – seasonal jams, chutney, jelly & relish

    • Our Ingredients

      1. Seasonal
      2. Locally sourced
      3. Fairtrade
      4. Home grown
    • Our Scottish Preserves

      1. Handmade
      2. Small batches
      3. Open pan method
      4. Exciting flavours

    Handmade Scottish preserves

    Home made, seasonal products. Every product is made from scratch in small batches. We use the traditional open pan method to ensure premium taste and quality.

    Our product range changes with the seasons. We believe in using what is available now, rather than importing from far afield.  Sometimes this means your favourite may not be in stock!  But hopefully there will always be something to tickle your fancy.

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  • Handmade Scottish preserves

    We always had my Nanny’s home-made jam in the house. It was always so much better than anything you could get in the shops. Unfortunately I only got interested in how it was made after she was no longer with us, so didn’t get tips or advice from her – a big regret of mine. However, I have her trusted jam pan, and it really has done me proud. I feel like I’m carrying on a family tradition and I know that she would be delighted to think that her pan is being put to good use.


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